Physical Therapy Services

OrthoCore Physical Therapy provides rehabilitation following Orthopedic Injuries, Surgical Intervention, Sports Related Injuries, Injury Prevention and many other life related pains and dysfunctions.

Ian Manning at Orthocore Physical Therapy in North Kingstown, RI can help with a variety of physical ailments.
  • Orthopedics – Sprain, strains, fractures and contusions are just some of the many orthopedic injuries we treat.  Physical Therapy is focused on reducing the pain associated with an orthopedic injury and then improving any dysfunctional movement patterns that may have lead to the injury.
  • Surgical Rehabilitation – Physical Therapy is focused on following any surgical protocol in place to reduce swelling and pain and then improve motion and strength to help you recover from your surgery as quickly as possible.
  • Sports Medicine – Injury and pain are common when playing sports.  Physical Therapy is focused on reducing your pain and improving your strength/flexibility with the ultimate goal to get you back to participating in your sport pain free.
  • Injury Prevention – Physical Therapy programs focused on correcting muscle imbalances and flexibility restrictions that can lead to pain and injury while playing sports.  The goal is to prevent the injury before it happens.
  • Work Comp/MVA – Pain is usually the biggest issue following a Motor Vehicle Accident or Workers Comp case.  Physical Therapy is focused on decreasing that pain utilizing treatment modalities, and then improving function through the use of exercise.
  • Older Adults – Different pains and movement issues arise as we age.  Physical Therapy is focused on improving strength, flexibility, balance, and body movements to improve daily function and decrease pain with activities/sports.
  • Pediatrics – Children are not little adults.  Physical Therapy is focused on healing their injury while making it fun and age appropriate through the use of different toys and games with the eventual goal of getting them back to pain free play or sport.
  • Amputees – We work with patients following an amputation surgery to help them transition to using a prosthetic and become more independent with everyday life tasks and sports.
  • TMJ – Jaw pain can be debilitating and you don’t have to live with it. We look to posture, jaw opening/closing, and joint function to be sure we eliminate your pain and prevent it from returning. To learn more about how we treat TMJ please visit our TMJ treatment for jaw pain page.

What to Expect on your First Visit

Every new patient will receive a full evaluation from one of our licensed physical therapists.  They will ask you questions about your injury and how it affects your life.  We will then test different motions and movements to discover what elicits your pain and what could be causing it, then decide which different movements and exercises will be prescribed to help you heal from your injury.  We may also use different modality treatments (heat, massage, stim) to decrease inflammation and pain.  The goal is for you to walk out feeling better than when you walked in.

Before arriving for your initial evaluation, please take a moment to fill out our patient information document.

OrthoCore Physical Therapy accepts both insurance and private pay.  Please contact us for rates and policies.