Golf Physical Therapy

We Help Golfers Increase Distance, and Play more Consistent Pain Free Golf

With a variety of cutting edge techniques like the KVEST and and the golf simulator, Orthocore PT will help you perfect your golf swing and prevent injurty.

At OrthoCore we don’t guess, we test. What that means is we put you through specific Titleist Performance Institute tests designed to highlight areas of weakness and inflexibility. Those restrictions are robbing you of power and leading to compensations that will affect your game and lead to pain with playing. Once we know the areas you need to work on we will design a program specifically for your imbalances. We will never put a client through a generic program because everyone is different. We then re-test monthly to be sure that you are improving to keep you heading straight down the fairway.

What Are Our Golfers Saying?

I’d heard PGA announcers talking about the young pros working on their ‘core’ so I figured I’d give it a try! Ian brings different exercises every week. The fun and banter we have while working out together is great!

The payoff has been HUGE! Not only am I hitting the ball at least 10 yards further but it has been a MAJOR life improvement. I’m nearly 60 and OrthoCore’s program has really improved my tennis and basketball fitness as well. I keep up with my fitness-freak of a wife on 50 mile bike rides and, perhaps most importantly, I have been virtually injury free for the last three years despite my extremely active lifestyle.

I HIGHLY recommend training at OrthoCore! It has honestly changed my golf game AND my life for the better!
— Paul Fuller


We’ve all been there. That sore back during or after the round. That one swing in the rough that hurts the elbow. Golf doesn’t have to be that way. But, there are so many different things that can lead to pain with golf it can be overwhelming. Where do you start? Right here.

Ian Manning is a certified Titleist Performance Institute medical professional and specializes in golf physical therapy. Ian has been focusing on golf related injuries for over 12 years. Ian will conduct a comprehensive medical exam and golf specific screen. The screening process will highlight areas of restriction that are leading to pain in your swing. It could be your set-up, some portion of your swing, or another area of your golf game. Ian will develop a program to heal your injury and remove the restrictions. His goal is to make you feel better, prevent the injury from returning, and improve your golf game all at once.


Distance. No one has enough and we all want more! How do you gain more distance in your golf swing? Do you hit the gym and push a bunch of weight around? Do you take yoga classes? What about golf lessons? At the Performance Center we don’t guess, we test.

All clients at the OrthoCore Performance Center are taken through multiple golf specific screens to highlight areas of weakness, inflexibility, and power loss. With that information we will develop a program that is specific to your needs. The goal being to safely get you as strong, and powerful as possible. 'Safely' being the most important part. Most other training centers will just start you on a program without testing. That is a recipe for injury. Do you know how much you need to be able to squat, push, or pull before starting plyometrics? We do, and we will be sure you have that strength before you start to add speed to your program. You will develop a more stable, powerful golf swing that will launch that little white ball far down the fairway.


1 on 1 golf training with Ian Manning is focused on correcting your specific dysfunctions to help you achieve a more powerful, consistent golf swing. The initial evaluation is $125/hr which consists of a full screen with a personal home workout plan. Each additional training session costs $80/hr and will focus on continuing to improve your strength, flexibility, and power.


Based on circuit training, the group classes consist of exercises and stretches that are centered around improving your golf performance. Each class is an hour long and will also involve some cardiovascular training, strength training, and flexibility. Each class has a maximum of 6 students and the cost is $20 per session. Please contact us for available days and times.




At the OrthoCore Performance Center our goal is to provide you with the best services available. That doesn’t stop with preventing injuries and improving your strength and conditioning. Chad Spencer is a PGA Professional who provides golf lessons at the Performance Center. From your putting to your full swing, Chad wants to be sure you are playing at your best. He utilizes the Foresight GC2 golf simulator to provide feedback on multiple aspects of your swing. His goal to improve your golf game, helping you create a powerful and repeatable swing, to help you lower your scores.

You can also rent the simulator for practice and play for $35/hr.


Are you ready to hit the ball farther and more consistently?
Are you ready to get more out of your lessons and practice sessions?
Are you ready to develop the golf game that will deliver the results you’ve always wanted?
K-VEST makes all this possible.

K-VEST is the world’s first human motion learning system for golf. Using the most advanced technologies in sensors, software, and motor learning, you’ll be able to build a customized golf swing for yourself, learn that swing, and make it perfectly permanent.


At OrthoCore Physical Therapy we use the K-Vest system to capture your swing. We then use it to give you feedback that you can see, and hear, to make the swing change you are looking for. The result is a pain free swing that helps you make consistent contact and send the ball farther down the fairway.

We guarantee it will be unlike any other swing lesson you have ever had. Contact us today to schedule your evaluation and get your golf swing heading in the right direction.