We help Cyclists Increase Power, Perfect their Pedal Stroke and Ride Pain Free

A proper bike fitting is essential to prevent injury at Orthocore Physical Therapy in North Kingstown, RI.

At OrthoCore Physical Therapy, we pride ourselves in getting you back to your sport as quickly as possible, using evidence based research and the most to up to date treatment protocols. Kristi Mason, MSPT, is the only certified Bike PT in RI. She will put you through a bike fitting specifically designed to highlight areas of weakness and inflexibility. Those restrictions affect your power and pedaling skills leading to compensations that will then lead to pain with cycling, and also may affect your performance.

Once Kristi knows the areas you need to work on, she will design a program specifically for your imbalances. Kristi will closely follow your improvement and make adjustments to your bike as you increase your strength and flexibility.


Riding a bike should not hurt, during or after a ride. Numbness in the hands, hip pain, low back pain, knee pain or saddle numbness can greatly affect your performance on the bike, and can be effectively resolved with a proper bike fitting. You are probably asking how can a PT help with my bike fit? Shouldn’t I just go to the bike shop? Kristi Mason is the only certified Bike PT in RI and is the best resource for a proper bike fitting. Kristi is an expert in anatomy, bio-mechanics, and physiology. Every cyclist is unique and she will make sure your bike fits your body while also keeping in mind your flexibility and strength limitations.

Kristi will conduct a bicycle specific musculoskeletal exam looking at posture, strength, balance and flexibility. She will also perform a comprehensive bio mechanical evaluation on the bike with your bike placed in a trainer (similar to a gait evaluation). Special attention will be focused on pedal position, seat position, and handlebar position. Recommendations and adjustments will be made to alleviate pain and increase performance. You will also be provided with bicycle specific rehabilitation exercises to address strength, flexibility, and postural deficits.


Kristi, at Orthocore Physical Therapy will help cyclists throughout Rhode ISland learn the best biking techniques for proper form and to prevent injury.

We always want to be the fastest on the bike. Often times people push through their rides and races placing themselves at increase risk for injury. How do you gain more speed and power on the bike? Do you hit the gym? Do you just go out and hammer through your training rides? What about getting a bike fit and having your pedal stroke analyzed?

All of Kristi's clients are taken through multiple bike specific screens to highlight areas of weakness, inflexibility,and power loss. With that information she develops a program that is specific to your needs. The goal being to safely get you as strong, and powerful as possible. Safely being the most important part. How many physical therapists take a look at you on the bike and analyze your pedal stroke? Most physical therapy clinics will just start you on a program…and that just leads to injury.

Do you know how much knee flexion you should have on the bike? Do you know which parts of the pedal stroke your hamstrings should be activated? Do you know how many push-ups you should be able to do, or how long you should be able to hold a plank to be able to maintain proper positioning on the bike? We do, and we will be sure you know too. You will develop a more stable, more powerful pedal stroke that will make you a faster cyclist.

Wind Trainer Classes

Kristi also teaches Wind Trainer classes at the Performance Center. Her goal is to provide you with the best services available. Kristi Mason is an avid triathlete and is working towards her USA Cycling and USAT coaching certification. Kristi will help improve your leg power, become more efficient, increase your cadence, strengthen your core, and make you a faster cyclist. Kristi guarantees you a great workout while paying attention to your technique and form with her small class size.