Orthocore PT in Rhode Island features cupping for lessening the pain of injuries and increasing blood flow to injured areas.

Cupping at Orthocore PT

Cupping is a manual therapy where small, medium, or large specialized cups (depending on the injury) are suctioned to the skin. Cupping gained public attention when Michael Phelps was seen at the Olympics with small circles on his back caused by the treatment. The treatment is much older than that though, and has many medical benefits. Cupping helps to address injuries by increasing blood flow to the injured area. It also loosens the myofasical layers under the skin and improves the playability of the tissue. Increasing blood flow and playability can help to decrease recovery time associated with repetitive injuries, overuse injuries, sprain/strains, and pain. Brining new blood to an injured area brings vital nutrients to promote healing. The cupping treatment will usually last 2-5 minutes and is non-painful. In some cases it may cause bruising and skin discoloration associated with the new blood flow to the area. This is not considered dangerous and will usually dissipate within a couple of days.