Golf Distance and X-factor

When I start working with a golfer the first thing that I ask them is “What are your goals?” I have worked with a lot of golfers, and every single one has said “More distance” as one of their main goals. Increasing distance is as simple as increasing separation between your hips and shoulders, or X-factor. Obviously easier said than done, but achievable for every golfer from scratch to a high handicap. Let me help you get there.

X-factor is a big term in the golf fitness and golf instruction world, and all it means is how much can you separate your hips from your shoulders. If you want to hit the ball a far way though, you better be sure you create this magical x-factor at the right moment in your golf swing.


Most golfers focus on making a full turn and getting to the top of their backswing. As you can see from the picture from Me and My Golf (great group by the way for instruction) at the top of the backswing you want about 45 degrees of separation between your shoulders and hips. The golfers that I work with can get to that position, but they sacrifice separation. What I mean by that is they get to the 90 degree turn with their shoulders, but have way more than 45 degrees of turn with their hips. So if you want to increase your distance start with creating more twist in your body. My absolute favorite exercise for that is an open book stretch.

image1 (1).png

If you really want to improve your distance though, you have to be sure that you increase your x-factor as you start your downswing. The big hitters in golf start at that 45 degrees number for separation at the top of the backswing, but then increase it to 50-55 degrees as they start the downswing. Most golfers that I work with who can create the right amount of x-factor that the top of the backswing then throw it away by starting their downswing with their arms. This is a hard feel for most golfers to get though. Well no worries my friends, I’ve got you covered. Try this exercise. All you need is a piece of tubing, or something elastic (could be a bungee cord).

Honestly, in my personal opinion, it’s much more important to start the downswing the right way than it is to create a bigger x-factor. Look at the long hitters on the PGA (John Rahm and Tony Finau) and the top of their backswing position.

Screenshot (346).png

It looks like they are taking a half swing! What you don’t see is how much separation they create as they start their swing with their hips. That is where the power is created that sends that ball a far way down the fairways.

So if you want to increase your distance you need to increase your stretch, and start your swing with your hips. I hope that helps you to make this golf season your best season.

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