Single Leg Romanian Deadlift for Golfers

If you read my last post you know I’m all about exercises that involve multiple body parts. I believe this is the best way to train. It helps to train movements rather than single muscle groups. It also helps you get in a great workout in a shorter period of time. The unfortunate thing for some golfers is they don’t have access to a gym. Well if that is you, nothing to worry about, I didn’t forget about you. Here is an exercise that anyone can perform to help improve your body’s stability, to improve your golf swing.

The exercise is a Single Leg Romanian DeadLift. Why Romanian? No clue, but they seem to have the best exercises going, so thank you Romania. Your glutes and abdominals are the most important groups of muscles in your golf swing. As a unit they help to keep you stable in your swing. They also help to transfer all the power from your big leg muscles into your arms and eventually into the golf ball. When you perform the deadlift on a single leg you are working on balance which will also help you stay more stable during your golf swing.

The glutes and abdominals are also the muscle groups that help you stay in posture during your golf swing. Most amateur golfers struggle with staying in posture during the swing. It can happen during your backswing, downswing, or both. Loss of posture is a power robber, it will also make your ball flight really inconsistent. When you struggle with a loss of posture you always have to use your hands to find the golf ball. When your timing is on, you can have a great day. When your timing is off, forget about it. Its lost ball city, population, you. The single leg RDL will help to keep your posture consistent and your scores low. We demonstrated this on our Facebook page recently.

You can start by using a golf club to help you get in the right position during the exercise. When that gets easier take the golf club away. Try to keep everything locked in like the golf club was still there. When that gets easy you can start to add weight to the movement. You can hold a weight in either hand or just use a band for resistance. That way you can start to build the strength in your glutes and abdominals to make your golf swing more powerful.

If you have any questions or comments please contact me here at OrthoCore Physical Therapy. Our office phone is 401-667-0131 or use the contact form on our website. Hopefully this will be the start to your best season ever!