Lunge and Rotate To A Better Golf Swing

I hope that by now, if you have been following me, you know two things about the golf swing. You have to have a stable lower body with a really mobile upper body. That is the simplest way to explain what your body needs when it comes to a powerful, consistent, golf swing. Now describing it and achieving it are two very different scenarios. When it comes to improving your bodies fitness for golf I have found there are two major roadblocks to overcome. Time and knowledge. I’m here to help you with both.

I find that most golfers have the best intentions when it comes to improving their golf game. The hard part is the time that it takes to get there. Professional golfers work for 8-10 hours a day on the golf swing and their fitness levels. It’s their job. If you asked a pro golfer to be a landscaper on the side they probably wouldn’t be very good at it. Sure they may be able to cut the grass and do some weeding here and there but to be a professional at something takes a lot of time. That doesn’t mean that all hope is lost for us amateurs out there trying to lower our handicap. You can get a really good workout in a short amount of time, you just have to be sure that you are doing the right exercises. That gets us to the second roadblock, knowledge.

Too many people are still stuck in the dark ages of training (also known as the Arnold ages). Now don’t get me wrong. If you want to gain a ton of muscle mass and look like a Mr/Mrs. Universe, go read Arnold’s book, and train for 2-3hrs a day 6 days a week. I think that is why people get overwhelmed and feel like they are never going to have enough time to train and improve. If you want to be a good golfer and hit the ball farther, there are better exercises you can be doing with your time. Most conventional training is based around isolation exercises, bicep curls, knee extensions, etc. That is great if you are looking to gain muscle mass. It’s not very useful for the golf swing though. The important thing to do is incorporate a lot of muscle groups into one exercise that trains a movement. Here is one of my favorite exercises for golfers. It works on a stable lower body with a rotational movement. 

Hopefully that exercise will help to get you motivated and in the gym more. If you have any questions or comments please contact me at OrthoCore Physical Therapy  or call  401-667-0131. Hopefully this will be the start to your best season ever!