The Pallof Press: Excellent Core Exercise for Golfers

The golf season is coming, and it’s coming fast. Some of you are probably already out, all bundled up, trying to achieve your goals of getting in 100 rounds this year. I’m sure there are some of you that have been working hard on your golf specific strength and conditioning this off season. Unfortunately, there are probably more of you that haven’t. Not to worry! I have some of my favorite golf specific core exercises to show you. They will help to improve your core strength which will help to keep your back healthy, and help you launch that little white ball as far down the fairway as you can.

One of the best and “simplest” core exercises you can do is a Pallof Press. Don’t ask me who Pallof is, I never met the guy. Whoever he is, he came up with a killer exercise. Here is why I like the Pallof press. It works on core stability without requiring movement. It is ideal for any player because it doesn’t require a lot of coordination, or mobility, to perform the exercise. That means you can get the results you are looking for, with minimal risk of injury. Yahtzee!

Here is the most basic way to perform the Pallof press. Start with your feet about hip width apart and a band in your hands with the other end of the band anchored to something (preferably something that doesn’t move, your sibling or spouse are bad options). Slowly press your hands away from your chest without allowing your body to rotate. You should feel your glutes and abdominal engaged trying to prevent the rotation of the band.

Now here is what I really like about the Pallof press! You can make it as hard or as easy as you want. There are so many different variations. The only limitation is your imagination, and your stability. Here are a couple of variations that I like to give my more experienced clients. The variations will require you to purchase some additional equipment but you can get a sense of where you can take the exercise. Happy pressing everyone. Thanks Pallof, whoever you are.

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