Rear End Car Accidents And Personal Injury Law – What YOU Need To Know

Guest blogging this week is Mike Bottaro of Bottaro Law Firm. He takes a close look at rear-end car accidents and what you need to do to protect yourself. Welcome, Mike!

The Bottaro Law Firm Team

The Bottaro Law Firm Team

What are your legal rights after sustaining personal injury in a rear end car crash in Rhode Island and Massachusetts?  Our law firm handles personal injury legal cases stemming from car accidents everyday.

The first thing to understand is that there are about 2.5 million rear end collisions annually in this country.  Big insurance companies profit from taking in your premium dollar and by acting slow to deny, defend, or delay your valid legal damages after a crash.  The insurance company is looking out for their interests and you need a lawyer to look out for your interests!  Whether you hire our firm or another, if you are injured in a rear end crash, do not delay in hiring a law firm that has won awards in limiting its practice to plaintiff personal injury cases.

Proving Negligence - Causes of Rear-End Collisions

From a legal perspective, we will want to get to work right away on winning your case by first establishing that the other driver is “liable,” in other words, considered to be legally at fault. You would be surprised that how often, especially without a lawyer, the insurance company seeks to save money by blaming you a percentage of fault (“comparative negligence”) – even in a rear end collision. Sometimes they do not even tell you this, but simply reduce the money that is owed to you!  

Proving Legal Causation: Injuries Sustained From Rear-End Collisions

The next step our top rated personal injuries will work on is establishing the legal link between the collision and your injuries.  

This comes into play if you already had an underlying neck, back, or other condition affected the crash.  In this case, the insurance company will attempt to save money on your case by arguing that you were already injured before this crash.  Of course, such an argument may not be true, or may not account for the fact that your condition worsened as a result of this crash.  Lawyers fight insurers to establish legal causation on your case.

Proving Legal Damages: Medical Expenses, Pain and Suffering, Lost Wages, etc.

Rear-end auto accidents result not only in physical and emotional injuries, but also result in real money lost to you.  Insurance companies are quick to promise that you will receive compensation, but later act a little foggy on the details.  

I know how to properly calculate your true losses after a Rhode Island or Massachusetts car accident and that is important to you, because the law differs in each state.  

If you have questions after an injury form a car crash, our firm limits our practice to helping you.  We offer 24/7 free consultations via text, phone, or website: (401) 777-7777 ; . Mike Bottaro