Orthocore Physical Therapy

At OrthoCore Physical Therapy we treat every patient with one-on-one care. You will never feel like a part of the masses, or just a number, going through the motions of your rehabilitation. You will never be treated by an aide or assistant. You will be with the same Physical Therapist from the very first day of your rehabilitation through the end of your treatment. Every aspect of your care is catered to you, your specific injury, and your personal goals. We will help you rehabilitate as fast as possible and give you the education and resources you need to prevent your injury from returning.


We want to provide an environment and service that is unlike any other Physical Therapy clinic out there. We focus on you, the patient. Too many other clinics out there are focused on the business and lose sight of why we all got into helping people in the first place. They will double book and over book just to get the numbers in the door and help pump the bottom line. Meanwhile you are left going through the motions, performing exercises, hoping that it will help your injury.

OrthoCore Physical Therapy is top notch! I worked in the business as a PT Aide and have a lot of experience myself … the level of care and the individual attention I received is as good as it gets. The ease of being seen asap after my injury made all the difference in my recovery. The flexibility of my scheduling options for PT fit nicely into my hectic schedule. State of the art modalities/facilities expedited my recovery. OrthoCore assessed my injury and tailor made the treatments to meet my goals…the time line and modalities used matched my goals and my outcome was as we planned.

I fully recommend OrthoCore Physical Therapy for all your Physical Therapy services.
— Rob. R - North Kingstown, RI

At OrthoCore the Focus is on You

Your injury, your health, your wellness. We utilize manual treatments like mobilizations, functional dry needling, soft tissue massage, manual stretching and manual resistance exercises. We have found that a hands on approach will help you to heal faster and get back to what you want to do.

Once you are injury and pain free that isn’t where our care stops. Like we said earlier, we are focused on your health and wellness. We provide you with a free functional movement screen with our personal trainers. They make sure that you are moving properly to prevent any other injuries from happening. We also provide a free 30 minute consult with a health coach (if wanted) to be sure your nutrition is where you want it to be.

Our goal is to help you heal from your injury and be the best version of yourself possible.  We look forward to the opportunity to help you.

We provide physical therapy to patients of all ages and abilities to help them rehabilitate from orthopedic injuries, surgery, and sports related injuries. We also help educate clients on how to move and workout properly to prevent many common injuries.

We use functional dry needling to help alleviate the pain associated with trigger points in the muscles. Functional dry needling will remove barriers to movement and quicken the return to a normal pain free life.

We help golfers improve their strength and flexibility to allow them to swing without restrictions leading to pain.